Northeast is a large collection of neighborhoods including the affluent Irvington, Alameda, Grant Park and Laurelhurst with some of the oldest and most expensive homes in Portland.  Because it is so large, Northeast Portland can essentially be divided into inner and outer sections. The Inner Northeast neighborhoods include those mentioned above, the Lloyd District, Kerns, Boise, Eliot, Humboldt, King, Vernon, Sabin, Sullivan’s Gulch, Hollywood, Alberta, Woodlawn, Sunderland, Concordia, Beaumont-Wilshire, Cully, Roseway, North Tabor and Rose City Park.

The Outer Northeast neighborhoods include Sumner, Madison South, Montavilla, Hazelwood, Parkrose, Parkrose Heights, Woodland Park, Russell, Argay and WilkesMaywood Park is a “City Within a City” on the Eastern edge of Rocky Butte.